Krewe History

Our motto "All for Fun" and "Fun For All" is truly a lifestyle not just a motto.

In 1998, Matt Glow, Tim Hubbell, Hayden Polk, Chris Jenkins, and Steve Hubbell were walking the Ybor City parades as security for Grace O’Malley. After months of excitement, it became apparent that it was time to start a krewe of their own.

After the 1999 Gasparilla Parade season ended, a group of friends who wanted to be a part of the parade festivities got together and started pitching the idea for a new Krewe. This new Krewe would have an Irish theme with kilts and bagpipes. The group selected Don Casseles as their spokesperson and approached the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee with their Krewe ideas. The committee approved and the Krewe of Shamrock was born. The group of 19 some meeting for the first time marched in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. The participants wore kilts and some even played bagpipes. Everyone had a grand time. There after the group started to meet planning the logistics of the Krewe. Ellis Blosfield wrote the original by laws and later that summer Jaime Lorance and Don Cassels were elected the Krewe’s first President and Vice President. There after Gary Mays, Don Cassels, Tim Hubbell, Mark Stanley, and Steve Hubbell have all served as Presidents of the Krewe.

By the 2000 Parade season, the Krewe had grown to 40 members and a float had been constructed. The trailer was donated by Mark Stanley, a past President.

The top of the float was built by several members lead by Tim Hubbell and Hubbell Construction. This float was used for four parade seasons. The Krewe’s current float was designed by Ellis Blosfield (Krewe of Shamrock), Dan Capaz (Krewe of Fort Brooke) and Jerry Combs (Krewe of Shamrock) the float was built by members under the leadership of Jerry Combs. Jerry’s family logged several thousand hours of work and he remained Float Chair until 2011,when his brother Ricky Combs took over for Jerry.

A few changes have been made to the Krewe including the expansion of membership in 2006 to 100.

In 2010, with an active membership and Steve Hubbell as President, the krewe exploded to a cap of 140 which it remains today.

Throughout the Krewe of Shamrock's 15 years of existence, the Krewe has supported many Charities throughout the community. One of the prime charities each year has been The Shriners Wheelchair fund which provides “Special Wheelchairs” to needy children. The Krewe of Shamrock members are compassionate and caring individuals who get involved in charity events donating their time and treasures. The Krewe of Shamrock has an outstanding reputation in the area and have donated thousands of dollars and hours to benefit the community.